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We Create Beautiful Yards!

Enhance your surroundings with an EcoStone Fence

The simtek ECOSTONE advantage. SimTek Fence has reinvented fence manufacturing with its patented design of rotationally-molded fencing resulting in realistic stone appearance and superior performance.

Some of SimTek's features include: It has a superior wind rating, it's an excellent sound barrier, it really is durable in any temperature, it's fade resistant and graffiti resistant!

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The Beauty of Stone - Without the Expense

SimTek Fence

Enhance your surroundings with a SimTek Fence
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Take a look at SimTek's revolutionary "rock-look" fence.

The closer you look, the more you'll want SimTek.

Get the look of natural stone with a Lifetime Warranty.

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Stunning Beauty ~ Lifetime Durability

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- Granite-look walls and gates.
- Molded of exceptionally tough polyethylene, reinforced with galvanized steel.
- Superior strength - baseballs, golf balls, and rocks bounce off.
- Stable in hot and cold weather extremes. Withstands tests at -40° to +140° F.
- Superior wind resistance, 110 mph sustained, 130 mph gusts, certified to Dade County, Florida hurricane requirements.
Fade Resistant
- UV stabilized for a lifetime of vibrant color.
Sound Barrier
- Blocks 98% of direct sound.
Wood fences block 75%, concrete 100%.
Graffiti Resistant
- Easily remove graffiti using a high powered pressure washer.
Maintenance Free
- Install and enjoy.
- Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.
Made in the USA
- out of recycled and new materials.
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The Sizes and Colors You Want

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  • - Panels come in 3' and 6' heights by 6' width or 4' height by 8' width.
  • - All panels contain high-grade galvanized steel in both top and bottom rails.
  • - Panel heights cannot be modified, however, panels can be cut to any custom width.
  • - 4' panels have been engineered to allow stacking to create 8', 12' or 16' walls on 8' centers.
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  • - Posts come in 8.5' and 12' heights and have a five-inch outer diameter.

  • - All posts contain fulllength internally molded steel stiffeners for optimum strength.

  • - Posts are made from 50% recycled polyethylene.
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Engineered Gates

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  • - Gates come in 4' and 6' widths and may be double hung for 8', 10' or 12' openings
  • - Internal steel frame provides an extra rigid structure.
  • - All hardware mounts "steel on steel" for excellent thread engagement.
  • - 6-foot gates have an internal diagonal steel cable providing extra strength.
  • - Hinges are adjustable, spring-loaded and made of stainless steel.
  • - Option to integrate your own ornamental metal gates with the SimTek gate post.

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Gate Hardware

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SimTek applications are as unlimited as your imagination

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Post Installation Options

- Standard SimTek installations begin by setting posts in-ground with wet-mix or dry-mix concrete. Holes should meet local regulations for depth and consider frost lines.

- Optionally SimTek may be surface mounted on a concrete wall or flat driveway surface using our engineered Surface Mount Bases and decorative skirts. A minimum 8” wide poured concrete wall is required.

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Any climate, any terrain, any temperature ~ SimTek is tough!

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SimTek is Very Adaptable

  • - Easily conforms to varying terrain and surroundings.
  • - Panels may be cut to any width.
  • - Engineered for sub-zero cold and searing desert heat.
  • - Combine 3’ SimTek with 3’ ornamental metal for a truly unique look.
  • - Design your own utility or dumpster enclosures.
  • - SimTek accommodates ornamental gates and fence combinations and other special applications.
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Create the Yard of Your Dreams!
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SimTek EcoStone & EcoStone Plus
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